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This is my first book in Spanish.

I’m not actually sure why it is called “bien chica” when I first saw the cover, but I like it. It’s the kind of book I would buy and then get rid of, but not really.

The cover is the first thing I see when I open it. The Spanish title translates to “lady Bianca.” Since the book is about the life of a young, American-born, female writer in the late 1980s, Bianca is an interesting person to cover. Although the book is about a woman, the book isn’t really about her. It’s about a character. I think that this is why the cover is so good.

The last few years, I have noticed that I have become quite attached to the way the cover of a book looks on the cover of the book. I am not saying that every cover is a masterpiece, but most of them are, and the fact that this cover is so beautiful and original. I love when the cover of a book says something about the story, and that the cover of a book says something about the author.

The book covers of the last few years have been much more interesting than the cover of this book. It’s a hardcover, and a hardcover book is a lot like the cover of a magazine: it says a lot about the cover artist. The cover of the book is the same way. The cover of this book is the same way, at least in the beginning, and it also hints at the author.

La abogada Bianca is a Spanish novelist who writes a lot about the lives of poor people, and the way they struggle for their lives. For example, she has a series of short stories in which the characters are poor and struggling to survive. She also has a very short novel, in which the protagonist was a Spanish aristocrat who was forced into a life of crime because he was unable to pay his taxes.

The cover of this book is a very interesting thing. It is a very different design, and in it, we get a different view of the book. The cover of the book is that of a woman wearing a black dress, and she is holding a black cat. The cover of the book is very different, and it also hints that it may be the author’s own life.

We have a new book, and it is the story of a woman. The cover of the book is the same as the cover of the book, and it hints that it is the authors life. The book is called la abogada bianca or “the black-haired one”, which is an interesting concept, and it gives us another glimpse into this interesting author.

The cover is of the author, which has a black hair, and a cat in a black dress. It is very different from the cover of the book, but it is the same cover. This covers the main character’s life, and it hints that it may be the authors own life. We are left to wonder if this is her current life or if she is still alive and we still have to wait and see.

I’m not sure if this is the author or a character in the book. It’s definitely the same author who wrote the book. This is a good example of the fact that a character can be the same author and still be completely different from, or different from, the book.

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