Five Common Difference Between Vaping And E Cigarettes

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An introduction to an informative and factual blog post titled “Five Common Differences Between Vaping And E Cigarettes.” Here is a brief on the article: “Vaping and e-cigarettes both deliver nicotine without combustion. They are, however, two different devices that produce different chemical emissions.”

Today we’ll be discussing the difference between vapes and e cigarettes. Fewer people vape now than smoke due to the misinformation about vaping and misconceptions about long-term health effects. The reality is that two basic things make vaping different than smoking, as you may know, them.

Differences between Vape Pens and E Cigarettes

Vape pens have a bigger cartridges than e cigarettes. They have enough capacity to hold as much as 3 milliliters of e-liquid. This makes them ideal for people who want their nicotine fixed in a short period. On the other hand, E cigarettes only hold up to 1 milliliter in their cartridge. If you’re looking for the same amount of nicotine you get from smoking 20 cigarettes, 1ml will not cut it! An e-cigarette takes about 30 minutes to vape through 1 ml of liquid. That’s longer than the same amount of time it takes to smoke a cigarette. So, while you may get that same nicotine hit without as much of a health risk, you’ll have to wait before your fix comes.

Here Are The Top five Differences Between E Cigarettes And Vape Pens:

1. Vape Pens produce a bigger hit than an e-cigarette. 

When you vape from a vape pen, you’re inhaling more nicotine and aerosolized particles than when vaping from an e cigarette. You’re getting more tobacco-like experience with a vape pen than with an e cigarette. This is also true for anyone who vapes from other forms of vaporizers.

2. Vape Pens have bigger tanks than e cigarettes.

Vape pens are designed to give you a large hit of nicotine while vaping. Their cartridges hold up to 3ml of e-liquid and can refilled very easily. This allows people to get their fill of nicotine in shorter periods which is what they want. On the other hand, E cigarettes only hold up to 1ml, and you must use more cartridges to continue vaping for longer.

3. While a Vape Pen produces smoke, An E-cigarette produces vapor

A vaporizer pen is a device that heats a liquid containing nicotine, propylene glycol, water, and vegetable glycerin to create an aerosol that can be inhaled and exhaled by the user. The liquid in the chamber contains nicotine that is heated up to become a vapor. This differs greatly from an e-cigarette because e cigarettes have no combustion involved. An e-cigarette operates by heating a liquid that produces steam containing nicotine and other chemicals produced from the process of heating. It looks like smoke, but it isn’t. Vapor is made of heated liquid, and water vapor is the only thing exhaled from a vaporizer.

4. An E Cigarette won’t give you a buzz. A Vape Pen will

Many e-cigarette users don’t like the taste of some flavors or want additional benefits from vaping besides getting their nicotine fix. The vape pen is perfect for these people because you can use them to vape an array of other substances that do not contain nicotine and let them experience what they may expect to get if they stopped using regular cigarettes altogether.

5. E Cigarettes are more expensive than Vape Pens

The reason e cigarettes cost more than vape pens is that e-cigarettes need to be filled with nicotine liquid and cartridges like those used for traditional cigarettes. E-cigarette parts such as batteries, devices, cartomizers, and e-liquid generally cost around $30 for a starter kit. On the other hand, vape pens only come in one size with a cartridge that does not contain nicotine. They are all powered by a built-in battery that lasts all day long. It can be recharged and reused over several days or weeks before it needs to be replaced. 

The refillable vape pens cartridges are fairly cheap compared to the total cost of using an e-cigarette. You can purchase a multi-pack of cartridges for less than $10, and each cartridge holds enough juice to last anywhere from 5 to 12 hours, depending on your device.


Vape Pens are better for the environment than e cigarettes and health-wise. They don’t have a heating element that places you at risk of developing throat cancer, heart disease, and countless other serious diseases caused by cigarette smoking. However, vape pens and e-cigarettes are still part of the solution to our tobacco epidemic, as many people are still trying different methods to get their nicotine fix. Vape pens deliver nicotine more efficiently than an e-cigarette, but both satisfy cravings for nicotine just like a traditional cigarette would.

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