Know About Massachusetts Micro Grow License.

massachusetts micro grow license

So you’ve got a dream to grow cannabis legally in Massachusetts. The only problem? You don’t have a massachusetts micro grow license yet. That’s right; you still have the issue of actually growing up and getting that legal permit. But worry not! We’re here to help, and we’ve done some digging to figure out. Everything you need to know about obtaining one of those sweet micro licenses, so read on below.

What is a Massachusetts Micro Grow License?

A Massachusetts Micro Grow License is one of the first cannabis licenses made legal within the state. This license was one of the first laws passed after Massachusetts voted to legalize recreational marijuana. The primary intent of this license is to allow small-scale cultivators to grow up to 1,000 square feet of flowering marijuana at any given time. This number may seem small, and it is, but it’s still an excellent start for many aspiring cultivators in the state.

How To Apply for a Massachusetts Micro Grow License?

First, you’ll need to register your business with the town where you’re considering growing. This is not as simple of a process as one may think in many cases. Many towns have regulations limiting the number of licenses issued within a specific period. This means that it might be wise to check with your town’s office before applying for the license yourself or check-in at local shops hoping they will do it for you. Once the paperwork is done and approved, you’ll need to submit it to your local district offices. You’ll have a set time limit of 60 days from the submission date for this application to be processed and approved. Click here if you would like to see your town and other information on registering your business.

Where To Get A Licenses?

There are many different ways to obtain massachusetts micro grow license outside of the municipal offices. First, you can purchase one on the state’s ABC website or check with your local medical marijuana dispensary (not all dispensaries provide licenses, but many do)! For an application You can then be mail them directly to the local municipality. If you don’t have a medical marijuana card. Then your application need to be submit in state’s medical marijuana registry.

How Much Does A Massachusetts Micro Grow License Cost?

The cost of a license depends on the location where you’d like to renew your license. If you’re in the Boston area and you’d like to renew at the town of Brookline Office. Expect to pay $100 for your annual renewal (this is PER LICENSE and does not include any taxes). In the Boston suburbs, such as Brookline or Dedham, you expect to pay $50 for annual renewals. If you’re located anywhere else in the state, expect to pay $60 for annual renewals. The first year of the license will cost you a total of $200. So if you’re planning on growing up to 1000 square feet of marijuana, you’re looking at $300 for the year.

What Does a Massachusetts Micro Grow license Entitle You To?

The main thing that massachusetts micro grow license entitles you to is the ability to grow up to 1,000 square feet of flowering marijuana at any given time. This license also allows cultivators in Massachusetts to possess up to 12 plants at a time. This is based on the fact that one ounce is equivalent to 56.6 grams for measurement purposes. As for the law itself, The cultivator will only able to grow six mature plants at any given time. This is because Massachusetts has set a limit of 12 ounces per household to grow.

Does a Massachusetts Micro Grow License Have Expiration Dates?

If you plan to continue growing up to 1000 square feet of marijuana after this date and time. You will need to renew your license before this happens so that you can continue legally. If your license expires, then you will no longer be able to legally possess or cultivate cannabis in any form whatsoever within the state of Massachusetts. If you do plan on cultivating up to 1000 square feet of cannabis, then yes. You will need to apply for a cannabis plant permit, or you will take risk of fine. The great thing about this process is that it does not require an actual application process. 

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