Things You Need To Know About Mmfla Lara Today.

Mmfla Lara

Mmfla Lara (Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act) is the latest law in Michigan that has been passed to regulate the medical marijuana business. The Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) division are responsible for issuing licenses and permits to these businesses. This article will cover what it takes to get your license, the requirements, and the type of information the LARA division is looking for. 

The Mmfla Lara law applies only to facilities that grow, process, package, transport, and sell medical marijuana. Suppose you have a license under this act. You can cultivate or grow cannabis plants; create infused products like edibles. You can also process raw plant material into cannabis extractions, such as oils or resins, and make those extracts into various concentrates. It allows You to transport those products between licensees and sell them at retail establishments for qualified patients with a valid Medical Marijuana Registry Identification Card.

Who Can Apply for a License?

Any individual or entity can apply for a license under the Mmfla Act (formerly known as Truancy Prevention & Addiction Recovery Act). Anyone with a license under another state’s medical marijuana law can apply for a Michigan license. However, LARA limits licenses to two – one license will be allowed in each city where an Mmfla Lara licensee is located. It has also been reported that physicians who are currently administering prescriptions to qualified patients can apply for these licenses.

The LARA division is looking for a wide range of information and experiences when processing these applications. For example, the type of packaging and production facilities, the types of products the applicant plans to make. Their experience producing similar products in other states are all essential factors.

License Application Fees:

The application fee is $200 – no additional fees for new licenses or licenses transfer. The fee can be paid by check or money order made payable to LARA’s Director. Once this fee is submitted, you will need to submit a $5,000 initial permit fee and a $5,000 fee for each license. The money orders or checks are payable to the Treasurer of the State of Michigan.

License Application Requirements:

All applicants will need to prove that they have control of not less than $150,000 in liquid assets before they can be issued a license. These funds will cover both their licensing fees and security costs. Liquid assets are considered cash or easily convertible into cash, such as stocks, bonds, or other investments. No minimum amount is required; however, LARA recommends maintaining at least $150,000 if possible.

All applicants will also need to submit a criminal background check. The LARA division is permitted to deny any applicant convicted of a felony, committed any drug-related offense. It is an owner of a business that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality or the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has issued a penalty.

Additionally, all applicants will be required to fill out an application form that covers the specific information on their business plan and how they will comply with all federal and state laws. If there are any changes in the plan, you must notify LARA via email within five days of making these changes. 

How To Apply For Mmfla Lara?

On your application, you will apply your business name, physical address, and the date that this information was submitted. If you apply for a facility license, you will indicate the type of facility you want to operate and your business name information. For security reasons, your staff’s names will be protected from public disclosure. However, it is highly recommended that you list and describe the qualifications of each employee in detail. The employees should include the following:

  • The officer in charge, which is typically the managing agent or owner
  • A physical security personnel
  • A financial security personnel
  • A quality assurance personnel
  • A shipping and receiving personnel (and documentation) to demonstrate experience handling cannabis plants and products.
  • Any additional employment or financial information that will assist in reviewing your application. In addition, these individuals will be required to submit a criminal background check from the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Why Is Mmfla Lara Needed?

The Mmfla Lara was created primarily to maintain a reasonable balance between public safety and patient access to medical marijuana. This act also ensured that law enforcement and the public could fully understand the new laws to handle these situations effectively. It is also important to understand that LARA has set up a strict fee structure to cover all its costs, including staff salaries, license application fees, and ongoing operations. If you choose to be a part of this process. It is up to you how much you want to be involved in growing or making medical marijuana products.

The process of growing and moving medical marijuana products is complicated. You will need to be prepared with the necessary paperwork, licenses, and financial records to ensure your process runs smoothly and efficiently. Whether you are starting a new business or just buying a license from an existing licensee, Leville Consultants can help you transition from buying to operating as smoothly as possible. So that you can get into the business of delivering medical marijuana products to qualified patients.


The Mmfla Lara will be a useful tool for law enforcement and the public trying to understand how this new industry works. Medical marijuana patients can finally have access to the quality of care they need without breaking the law. In addition, according to most reports, there has been an increase in violent crime in states that have not yet made medical marijuana legal. However, these same reports also stated that these crimes result from illegal drug use or distribution by those profiting from it. The Mmfla should help alleviate some of these concerns and provide safer access for patients and employers/business owners who conduct legitimate business with them.

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